Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The drive to Falkirk

To get a permanent driving license in UK, one needs to do the following:

1. Get a provisional driving license (you can't proceed any further unless you have got this). This is a 2 part document. First part is a plastic card and second part is a paper document.
2. Pass the Driving Theory Test. This has 2 parts. First is a multiple answer section of 35 questions. You have to get atleast 30 of them correct. Second is a section of 14 video clips. You have to click the mouse as soon as you can see a hazard. Once you pass this, you get a theory certificate which remains valid for 2 years.
3. Once you have a provisional driving license, you can start taking driving lessons. Once you have passed the theory test, and your instructor feels that you are ready, you can apply for the practical test. You can give as many practical tests as needed (to pass) before your theory certificate runs out. If that happens, you need to sit your theory test again.
4. The practical test is a one hour drive where the driving examiner sits next to you and asks you to drive around. This takes place not in a test area but on real road and amongst real traffic. They have recently added a bit where they ask you to open the bonnet of the car and ask you a few questions about the stuff under the hood.

My practical test is on the 18th of August 2006. And my driving instructor John has been telling me that I need to get more practice than just the one hour that he takes me out every week.

The irony is that I already have a car which Kate generously bought for me as my birthday gift last year.

So eventually this Sunday, after a long time, I got behind the wheel of my car and drove it around Stirling and Bannockburn. For those who don't know much about Scottish History, Stirling is where the famous battle between Scots and English took place. You can see the results in the movie Braveheart.

Stirling has got the Wallace Monument where William Wallace's sword rests....and also a beautiful castle - The Stirling Castle.

On Sunday, I drove around all these places.

Unfortunately John was off sick on Monday. So Kate decided to take me for a run in the car.

And I drove all the way from Stirling to Falkirk via Camelon and Larbert and came back via another road - over the Kinkardine Bridge.

It was a good drive and I came back via Alloa. I hope to get some more hours behind the wheel.


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